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Door opening inside a book ReadingCoach has over ten years of experience coaching parents of children with learning disabilities, tutoring children with learning disabilities, and working with teachers and schools to address the special needs of these students. On this web site, ReadingCoach shares some of her knowledge and tips and points you to resources where you can learn more.

ReadingCoach graduated with honors from the University of California, never realizing that she had mild learning disabilities. From an early age, she knew she had difficulty with spelling, but she learned how to make detailed lists, use a dictionary, and spent four or five hours each night doing homework to compensate for her difficulties. When ReadingCoach married, neither she nor her husband knew that he, too, had a similar problem.

It was only when their children experienced severe learning difficulties that ReadingCoach discovered their problem had a name — dyslexia — and that this problem tended to run in families.

Although ReadingCoach's children were smart, they had trouble mastering the elementary reading, writing, and spelling skills required to succeed in school. Teachers were sympathetic to the problem, but they did not always have the knowledge or the time to give effective individualized instruction to each child. Determined to help her children and others with similar problems, ReadingCoach returned to school for specialized training in the area of learning disabilities and education.

RoseCurrently, ReadingCoach works as a tutor, coach, and advocate for learning disabled students and their families. Her children are accomplished young adults in their own right. ReadingCoach lives in California with her family, two cats, one dog, and twenty-three rose bushes.

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